Membership of CPA Ireland 

As an Accountancy Institute CPA Ireland understands that it is our responsibility to keep our members up to date on all technical and business knowledge that is relevant to your company or business. We also understand the need for support both in terms of membership related queries and wider issues. Finally, we recognise and encourage the drive to be successful in your chosen career and the recognition for the valuable work that you do as an accountant and as a member of CPA Ireland.

As your institute we are here to provide you with up to date technical information and expert advice as well as with the tools to achieve your career goals and desired recognition. The recent member engagement process and continued conversations with many members of the institute have helped CPA Ireland to build on its foundations of flexibility and support. These foundations have enabled us to continue to be a forward thinking institute that encourages the development of members by empowering them to continue their careers at the highest possible standards.

As a member of CPA Ireland

  • You have ownership of the most widely recognised accountancy professional designation in the world with over 1 million accountants calling themselves CPAs. The Institute provides our Members and Students with the value and respect demanded with the CPA qualification. The entire team at the Institute endeavours to further enhance this and promote the CPA qualification by recruiting new students and growing the number of people using the CPA designation
  • You work in a wide variety of practices and industries it is essential that you are provided with the knowledge, training and support to ensure your career progression and open opportunities to multiple futures. The CPA qualification offers members the opportunity to follow their own career path whatever it may be and enables members to grow that career through valuable education and employment
  • You receive a flexible and supportive human service in an expert and timely manner, enabling members to respond decisively to business challenges. CPA Ireland works hard at building relationships with key stakeholders at home and abroad as well as lobbying government on behalf of our members
  • You have access to an innovative and flexible CPD & Further Learning Programme, Accountancy Plus, eBulletin and Technical Queries Service which provides a continuous supply of knowledge to ensure our members are kept fully up to date in all areas relevant to accountants.
  • You have access to innovation through new products and programmes that demonstrate to employers our commitment to constantly evolving our offering to align with the high standards of the professional world. We also provide a free job search function to assist employers in their ‘war for talent’

We have a dedicated Member Services team based in Dublin who are available to provide support to our members. Please contact the team by phone or email with any queries you have.

Niamh Sheehan, Senior CPD Administrator 
Phone: 01 425 1030

Jess Camacho, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 01 425 1000

Aisling Mooney, Post-Qualification Specialisms
Phone: 01 425 1035