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By providing learners with a more immersive learning experience, this course not only compresses the time it takes for course participants to understand the content, it increases their self-belief and makes abstract concepts more concrete. Most importantly, it makes learning more motivating, interesting and fun.



Course Content

Course Content

Learn about RPA and the huge implications across accounting, finance and forecasting.

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Why are we using Virtual Reality?

Why are we using Virtual Reality?

A hazard-free space to learn, practise activities and increase knowledge retention.

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Why do this course?

Learn about a complex topic in a fun and engaging way

For You

CPA Metaverse for career advancement. Immerse yourself in the only RPA virtual reality training programme.

For Your Employer

RPA offers organisations the potential for increased efficiency, cost savings, improved quality, and better resource utilisation.

Learning in a virtual world

There are numerous benefits to learning in VR and these are just some of them!

  • Team collaboration
  • Game based learning
  • A fun & interesting way to learn

Benefits of RPA


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