CPA Ireland Wellbeing Platform

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Benefits of Wellbeing Platform

Below are just some of the benefits of the CPA Ireland Wellbeing Platform

We have launched a brand-new Wellbeing Platform with Spectrum.Life for our members. 

What is Spectrum.Life and how can it benefit you? 
Spectrum.Life gives you access to a host of Digital Wellbeing content, videos and podcasts, fitness and nutrition trackers, along with numerous health and wellbeing related rewards and such as discounted Fitbits! Use Spectrum.Life to improve your mental health, fitness and nutrition. Have a look at the user guide below for more information!

How do I get started? 

  • Using the register link login to the CPA Ireland member website using your membership login details.
  • From here you will get access to the members only registration portal.
  • Enter your details and the organisation code (this code can be found on the register page once you login to the CPA website)

Pro Tip: Use Google Chrome to ensure the best performance of the platform and don’t forget to download the app also by searching Spectrum.Life in IOS or Android.

Register Today

Register Today

Use the link below access the registration portal

Logging In

Logging In

Use the link below if you have already registered

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CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund

This platform is brought to you by the CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund

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