The CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund was established on May 14th 2000. The aim of the CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund is to provide financial assistance to members, students and/or their dependents who find themselves in financial difficulty.

To date, the CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund has generated its income from commissions received from the Hospital and Medical Care Association (HMCA) royalties and a number of voluntary member contributions.

Potential beneficiaries are invited to complete a CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund Application Form and submit same to the Directors.  This application is then confidentially considered in detail so as to determine the suitability of individual circumstances, and that those circumstances meet the criteria as set by the Directors.

2018 Audited Accounts
2019 Audited Accounts

Download the CPA Ireland Benevolent Fund Application Form

Benevolent Fund Directors:
Mr. Tom O’Gorman, Chairman
Mr. Pat McCrohan, Vice-Chairman
Ms. Donna Dennehy
Mr. William D. Williams
Mr. Michael F. Dolan 

Secretary:  Eamonn Siggins
Administration: Felicia Gill

Contact Details
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland Benevolent Fund DAC,
17  Harcourt Street,
Dublin 2, D02 W963.
Direct Line: 01 425 1012
Email: Felicia Gill