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Welcome to the CPA Ireland General Data Protection Regulation Resource Page

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in Ireland on the 25th May 2018.  This page provides our members with a one stop shop for all the articles, advice and training resources which CPA has developed for our members.

Published Articles & Supports

To support members we in CPA have recently updated our Sample Letters of Engagement for both audit and non-audit engagements to include reference to GDPR obligations.  It should be noted that compliance with GDPR may require more than just updating letters of engagement and members are recommended to review the 12 steps  which organisations should take in order to be GDPR compliant. 
The guide is not an exhaustive list and members should ensure that their preparations take account of all actions required to bring them into compliance with the new law.

Sytorus who present our support Webinars below also provided us with "A guide for Data Processor Organisations" to assist our members in preparing for GDPR

GDPR Guidance for Insolvency Practitioners. CCAB-I have published a technical release which highlights features of the General Data Protection Regulation which are of particular importance to insolvency practitioners. The guidance is intended to assist practitioners on their duties and responsibilities relating to GDPR in their capacity as appointed insolvency office holders. Technical Release 02 2019 - GDPR Guidance for Insolvency Practitioners.

GDPR Implications for Auditors.  Statutory auditors regularly process personal data obtained from their clients. They are therefore directly impacted by the GDPR. This publication aims to clarify what role auditors play under GDPR, i.e. whether they act as data controllers or as data processors. This distinction matters as the responsibilities allocated to each role are different. The full paper is available on: GDRP: Implications for Auditors - Position Paper 

Guidance from Accountancy Europe What do the New EU Data Protection Rules Mean for You   Accountancy practitioners process personal data and are therefore directly impacted by this legislation. This publication provides an overview of the key concepts in the field of data protection and discusses the main principles that the GDPR prescribes for the processing of personal data.
Also from Accountancy Europe Getting Your SME Practice GDPR Proof

Helen Dixon, the Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland provides advice on preparing for compliance with the GDPR Accountancy Plus September 2017

Adare HRM provided guidance in July 2017 on How to Prepare for GDPR from an employment perspective. July HR and Employment Law Newsletter

The Invisible Enemy Cybercrime.  Paraic Nolan of Big Red Cloud focuses on the threat of cybercrime in our September 2016 edition of Accountancy Plus. Accountancy Plus September 2016

Training Resources

Through February and March 2018 we presented a series of webinars on the GDPR.  For those members who missed these webinars and wish to update themselves on the important issues in the GDPR we are making the recordings available here for purchase. 

Recorded Webinars

€35 each, 1 hour CPD
GDPR – Obligations for Data Controllers and Processors
GDPR – Consent and Direct Marketing
GDPR – Data Subject Rights
GDPR – Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment
To book the Webinar recordings, please click on the relevant link above.

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