Please find notice of AGM and Scheme of Arrangement below

Notice of AGM

Vote to approve some amendments to the Constitution to facilitate the amalgamation with Chartered Accountants Ireland

Notice of Scheme of Arrangement

Vote to approve the ‘scheme of arrangement’ (by which the amalgamation is being effected)

The Road to a Shared and Stronger Future Mark-Gargan-(1).png 

The accountancy profession is facing a generational challenge in terms of its attractiveness to new entrants, the rapid development of emerging technologies and increased engagement with regulators and other Government agencies. 
In response to these developments, accountancy bodies across the globe have developed closer ties and, in many cases, amalgamated to strengthen the profession’s strategic positioning and meet the shared challenges and opportunities of this ever-changing landscape.
Ireland, with numerous organisations seeking to represent accountants and be the voice of the profession, is increasingly out of step with the international movement towards consolidating membership into stronger bodies with louder voices.
Over the last number of months, CPA Ireland and Chartered Accountants Ireland have been exploring ways in which they can collaborate more strongly together in an effort to address the shared issues their members face. 
As the only two Irish-based accountancy bodies representing the profession, it makes sense to ensure both organisations work closely together. As a result of these discussions and the efforts undertaken to identify areas of shared collaboration, where the influence of both organisations could be mobilised, it has becoming increasingly clear to the Councils of both organisations that amalgamation offers the best pathway forward for the future.
Both bodies have been regulated by IAASA in the Republic of Ireland for the best part of two decades and this has increasingly led to greater consistency across education, regulations and professional standards.
Following rigorous discussions and due diligence undertaken by the two Councils to explore the feasibility of an amalgamation, it has now been unanimously decided by both Councils to endorse this course of action and seek the approval, via separate votes, of the members of CPA Ireland and Chartered Accountants Ireland to support this. 
The objectives of a proposed amalgamation are to:​
  • Support the profession in Ireland more efficiently with combined scale and resources​.
  • Serve the public interest by ensuring the highest standards of regulation and independent professional advice.
  • Simplify the accreditation and designation process for the accounting profession in Ireland.
  • Increase the influence of the accounting profession in Ireland.
  • Offer a more enhanced member proposition which would attract new candidates for the qualification and provide more contemporary and accessible service for existing members.

The Basis of the Proposed Amalgamation:

Single Body, Stronger Voice

  • One Institute combining the strengths of each organisation which are both regulated by IAASA and meet the same high regulatory, educational and professional standards.
  • One Institute with increased financial strength, a larger membership and an enhanced strategic position.
  • One Institute with greater influence advocating strongly for its members.

Largest Professional Body on the Island of Ireland                                                                                                              

  • Following amalgamation, the organisation will be called Chartered Accountants Ireland.
  • Combining the prestige and international reputation as well as the existing staff talent of both organisations will create a confident, forward-looking brand.
  • Establishing a leading force within the profession and a powerful voice on economic matters.

Strong Advocate for Accountancy Profession & Public Interest

  • A single accountancy body is the most appropriate solution to meet the shared challenges of the future and advocate for the attractiveness of the profession to ensure we continue to attract the most talented entrants.
  • Delivering a purpose led profession with a commitment to the public interest at its core.
  • Ensuring members are supported in an ever-changing environment.


  • Combining the recognition and strengths of CPA/FCPA and ACA/FCA creating a powerful qualification with dual designation, benefitting members and students.
  • The dual designation will offer wider market access for members building on mutual recognition agreements, to enhance the recognition of Irish accountancy qualifications abroad.
  • A single body will ensure one high standard of education for all trainees, enhancing skill level of all students completing professional accountancy exams in Ireland.

Strong Financial Base

  • The proposed amalgamation has a strong financial foundation.
  • Chartered Accountants Ireland will see an increased membership base, growing the annual income significantly.
  • Combining the assets of CPA Ireland and Chartered Accountants Ireland and utilising synergies will benefit members through improved services and keeping subscription increases low.

About Chartered Accountants Ireland

Chartered Accountants Ireland is Ireland’s leading professional accountancy body, representing almost 33,000 members in over 100 countries and educating 6,000 students. It has 494 statutory audit firms.

An all-island body established by Royal Charter in 1888, it works to create opportunities for members and students, and ethical, sustainable prosperity for society.

Chartered Accountants Ireland members provide leadership in businesses in every sector, the public service and professional practice, bringing experience, trusted expertise, and strict standards to their work.

In representing members, it engages with many stakeholders including governments, policy makers, regulators, and business groups on key issues affecting the profession and the wider economy.  

It is a founding member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, the international network of over 1.8 million chartered accountants.Chartered Accountants Ireland members also play key roles in the Global Accounting Alliance, Accountancy Europe and the International Federation of Accountants.   

Chartered Accountants Ireland also educates and supports professionals with qualifications throughout their career. Members can avail of more than 200 CPD courses from anywhere in the world each year, as well as accessing a professional network through over 175 events organised by District Societies and overseas chapters right throughout the year.

 Its activities and those of its members are governed by its Bye-Laws and by Rules relating to professional and ethical conduct.
Chartered Accountants Ireland is governed by a Council and it is responsible for determining policy and monitoring its implementation. This Council is led by the Officer Group and supported by the Management Team and staff. The Council is supported in its work by a number of committees with voluntary member involvement.

After 21st February 2024

Members’ approval in principle will ensure that a process is put in motion under which, and subject to all necessary regulatory requests and the approval of the High Court:
  • The members of CPA Ireland will become members of Chartered Accountants Ireland.
  • Chartered Accountants Ireland will be the name of the organisation.
  • Members will be entitled to use either or both the CPA/FCPA and ACA/FCA designations, and enjoy all rights and benefits associated with both.
The CPA Ireland’s legal entity (together with all its assets and liabilities) will be transferred to Chartered Accountants Ireland.
It is envisaged that Chartered Accountants Ireland and CPA Ireland will hold further meetings of their members later in the year. This will allow the members of Chartered Accountants Ireland to approve necessary bye-laws and members of CPA Ireland to approve the legal steps for effecting the amalgamation and certain changes to the constitution of CPA Ireland to facilitate the amalgamation.

Changes To Bye-Laws And Regulations

It is expected that the principal changes to the Chartered Accountants Ireland bye-laws and regulations will deal with the following matters:
  • To expand the Council of Chartered Accountants Ireland from 24 to 30 members so that 6 CPA Ireland members may join the Council. In 2030 the Council will revert to 24 members. The Chartered Accountants Ireland office holders at the time of the amalgamation will remain in office until the expiry of their terms.
  • To provide for dual designation/accreditation (i.e. the right to use either or both CPA/FCPA and ACA/FCA designations).
  • To provide for the continuation of any disciplinary proceedings affecting CPA Ireland members current at the time of the amalgamation.
  • To provide for transitional arrangements for CPA Ireland students.
In addition, it will be necessary to make other incidental changes to the bye-laws and regulations in order to accommodate the amalgamation. These may include, for example, adaptations to the education and audit regulations.

Regulatory Approval

Following approval from the members of CPA Ireland and Chartered Accountants Ireland, the necessary approvals of IAASA, the Department for the Economy of Northern Ireland and any other applicable regulatory body will be obtained for both the principal changes and the incidental changes to the bye-laws and regulations. Application will be made to the High Court asking it to sanction the amalgamation.
With the endorsement of the membership and following approval by the relevant regulators and High Court, the amalgamation process can be concluded creating the largest professional body on the island of Ireland, a single Irish based body with a strong voice to advocate for the accountancy profession and the public interest.