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Pro Forma Statement of Comprehensive Income and Pro Forma Statement of Financial Position Booklet


Note to Readers

Although Solutions are published by The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland, the Institute wishes to point out that it does not necessarily endorse them or agree with the views expressed by their authors.

The suggested solutions represent comprehensive approaches to the questions and are based on the full range of available marks.  They do not represent responses that candidates could realistically expect to produce in the prescribed time limits.

The suggested solutions should not be regarded as representing the only acceptable response.  They are intended to illustrate the processes of recognising and ranking issues, developing and evaluating alternatives, arriving at practical solutions, and communicating the results in an effective manner.  Thus, the analysis, assumptions, conclusions and recommendations presented in each suggested solution my represent only one of many possible approaches.  Furthermore, the organisation, language and format used in the suggested solutions do not represent the only acceptable style.  In short, the suggested solutions provide examples of how the issues can be dealt with, and they should be treated as examples.