CPA Ireland and Specialisterne Ireland Partnership


CPA Ireland is delighted to be partnering with Specialisterne Ireland to promote and assist in the increase in employment of neurodivergent people in the accounting and finance space in Ireland.

Specialisterne Ireland was established over ten years ago and is a specialist consultancy for neurodivergent people (those on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, dyspraxia/DCD, dyslexia and similar neurodiversities), supporting them into employment. They recruit across disciplines, typically for roles where attention to detail, pattern thinking or an ability to think outside of the box are important. Many autistic people are world-class analytical thinkers, and people with ADHD can work at a remarkable pace on a number of projects simultaneously when they are engaged by tasks. People with dyspraxia can be creative and problem-solvers, and people with dyslexia have fantastic visual memory and spatial reasoning, as well as often being gifted with exceptional interpersonal skills. They match the skills and characteristics of these individuals with roles that will suit their unique ways of working, while also harnessing their particular strengths.

Specialisterne Ireland also help and enable employers to build teams with diverse abilities and workplaces that are inclusive. They provide a solutions-based focus, identifying where supports would be of benefit. They have found that most supports and accommodations are low or no cost, however a line manager/ hiring manager might lack the knowledge of what they should be.  With having over 10 years’ experience of creating inclusive workplaces that lead to both higher engagement and increased moral for employees, the Specialisterne Foundation, have a global aim of one million jobs for autistic people.

So far in the partnership CPA Ireland have hosted a webinar for members on diversity and Inclusion in the workplace which had over 250 attendees, with very positive feedback from all. CPA Ireland are now offering the chance for CPA Ireland members to avail of a free 1-hour consultation with Specialisterne’s qualified staff to discuss your recruitment or retention needs for neurodivergent staff. For example, if an employee discloses that they are dyslexic or ADHD and you aren’t sure of the next steps, or if you would like to hire a neurodivergent finance graduate, then Specialisterne Ireland can help you. There are limited spaces, and the spaces are being offered on a first come, first served basis. To enquire about registering for the consultation sessions, please contact

Education and assistance on neurodiversity in the workplace to CPA members and employers will also continue through our membership network. 
For more information on the partnership between CPA Ireland and Specialisterne Ireland, and how Specialisterne Ireland can help you as an employer, head to the link: