CPA Trainee Remote

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CPA Trainee Remote

A new remote working skills course for CPA Ireland students

This programme of study is aimed at assisting CPA students to identify, develop, and apply the skills and competencies required to effectively operate as a CPA Trainee Accountant within a hybrid work environment. 

Key Course Details:

Method: Online, self-paced learning on our award-winning learning management system, Canvas

Course Topics:  
- Communication in a remote setting
- Essential and practical excel skills for accountants
- Double-entry bookkeeping techniques, working with ledgers correctly, creating profit & loss and balance sheet reports
- Understanding and using the tools required for collaborative working in a remote setting, identifying and mitigating against cyber security threats
- Accessing and processing returns through Revenue Online Systems

Access Duration: 12 months access

Course Duration: 5 Hours 

Criteria: You must be a student of CPA Ireland to gain acess to this course. 

Cost: Free to CPA students.

The CPA qualification is a gateway to a wide range of possibilities. The qualification combines accounting and other business skillsets to develop accountants who will be finance professionals and future business leaders.

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Course Benefits

This course consists of five free modules which will help you to develop your skills across the following key areas:

Remote Communication Skills

Identify and apply the main aspects of communication in a remote setting. This includes identifying the barriers to communication and building relationships

Digital Skills for Remote Working

Understand and familiarise yourself with the tools required for collaborative working in a hybrid setting and how to identify and mitigate against cyber security threats

Fundamentals for Remote Trainees

Learn the essential and practical excel skills required of accountants, how to apply double-entry bookkeeping techniques, work with ledgers and create profit & loss and balance sheet reports

Revenue Online Systems

Discover how to access and process returns through Revenue Online Systems

Get ready for the future of work

Please email Brenda Dolan at to enroll and complete the modules at your own pace.