The Benefits of Going Digital 

"If Ireland was to raise the number of SMEs trading digitally from 30pc today to 50pc there could be huge surge in revenues and jobs". (Vodafone Study, 2021)
  • Remain relevant and future focussed
  • Attract talented graduates. There are major gains for those who are agile and willing to adapt.
  • Will assist you to meet the needs of your digital savvy customers or clients
  • Succession planning – Digitising your business now will make it more attractive in the future
  • Lead your clients into adopting digital strategies
  • Greater resource management - consolidate information and resources into a suite of tools for business
  • Enhanced data collection - gather more accurate data, incorporating it fully for business intelligence at a higher level
  • Improved productivity - have the right digital tools working together
  • Streamline workflow and improve productivity.
  • Reduce scope for human error
  • Data-driven customer insights - unlock client’s insights and better understand their needs
  • The time saved on repetitive, monotonous tasks frees up the time of the employees to work on more value add for your business & to develop other skills
  • If you are an employee, ensure your skillset and capabilities are aligned to your organisations digital strategies

“Therefore, as the cornerstone of Ireland’s economy and a core driver of post pandemic economic recovery, it is of the utmost importance that financial support and practical policies are in place to allow SMEs invest in digitalisation and compete with EU and global SMEs within the digital economy.” (Anne O'Leary, Vodafone Ireland CEO, 2021)

"The benefits of going digital cannot be underestimated. As advisors to over 100,000 SMEs in Ireland, CPA Accountants provide an essential service to the Irish economy. Our Digitalisation Hub will show you how you can benefit from embracing a digital environment whether you are working in practice, the public sector, or any of Ireland’s industry sectors".

"Controlling the workflow. As you digitise it allows you to control the workflow because your leveraging technology rather than relying on individuals and clients to get back to you within a certain timeframe. This allows you to map your workflow and plan ahead rather than looking at the year behind"

 "Fewer clients. Building personal relationships has been an integral part of growing my practice, and if a practice has too many clients on too low a fee, those personal relationships will inevitably suffer, and that isn’t good for anyone. Trying to be all things to all people all of the time is an impossible business model, better to have half the clients on double the rate and not be held hostage by the crisis of the day".

“There’s Riches in Niches”. Digitisation has allowed us to reassess our business model and concentrate our expertise into several services and sectors increasing our fees in the process. One of the advantages of this approach is that as you increase prices, the competition reduces because fewer firms are competing in that market". (Brendan Brady, Brady & Associates)