Revisions to Ethical Standards for Auditors Effective from July 2021 & Webinar


The Ethical Standard for Auditors (Ireland) 2020 becomes effective on the 15th July 2021. Firms may complete engagements relating to periods commencing before 15 July 2021, in accordance with existing ethical standards (Ethical Standard for Auditors (Ireland) 2017), putting in place any necessary changes in the subsequent engagement period.

Engagements to provide previously non-prohibited non-audit services, entered into before 15 July 2021, and for which the firm has already commenced work may continue until completed in accordance with the original engagement terms, subject to the application of appropriate safeguards.

For key details of the changes please click here.

A webinar scheduled for the 5th August 2021 will explore the changes and will also highlight key ethical matters and challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. For details please click here.