CPA Ireland's Leadership Programme Running in January 2020



CPA Ireland's Leadership Programme helps you to identify and build on your own personal leadership strengths. Developed in conjunction with CPA Ireland Skillnet and Bob Semple, the programme generates meaningful and tangible value for you and your organisation.

Over the course of the programme, you will work with our experienced trainers develop your own unique leadership personality. You will learn how to refine your skills and develop an authentic leadership style that your team will best respond to.

Commencing on 22nd January 2020, the programme is delivered over 5 full-day sessions (including one experiential session) over a four-month period.

Limited places available, so apply today! Contact Róisín McEntee for details.

You are an accountant working in practice and the tax returns deadline is fast approaching. In order to meet the deadline, all members of your team must stay and work an extra 3 hours overtime this evening. Your key team member has refused to stay later due to prior commitments. You know you cannot enforce overtime however you need all members of your team to pull together to meet the deadline. How would you deal with this? 

Learn the power of persuasion, effective performance management and planning and negotiating skills to deal with situations like these.

The programme is delivered over 5 full-day sessions (including one experiential session) over a four-month period commencing on 22nd January 2020.
Day 1: Starting the Journey Within: Wednesday 22nd January
Day 2: Leadership Principles: Wednesday 12th February
Day 3: Positive Leadership: Wednesday 11th March
Day 4: Cooking up a Storm: Friday 3rd April
Day 5: Getting Results, Learning from Experience: Wednesday 22nd April
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Key Course Details:

  • Start date: 22nd January 2020
  • Location: CPA Ireland, 17 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2
  • Duration: 5 full days spread over four months (participants must attend at least 4 full days and complete coursework in order to gain the certificate of completion)
  • CPD Credit: 40 hours
  • Cost: €1500
  • Trainers: Bob Semple, Dr. Stephen Costello and Jane Perry