CPA Ireland Annual Report 2021


 Leading the Way in Digitalisation, Well-Being & Sustainability.

The CPA Ireland 2021 Annual Report – Leading the Way, was published on the 5th of April. The 2021 report highlights the key achievements in positioning CPA Ireland as an industry leader in the areas of digitalisation, well-being and sustainability. 
The 2021 report reveals how CPA Ireland has implemented these key areas in each of its strategic priorities: brand, product, people, customer centricity and global through several innovative initiatives. 
To name but a few:  
  • Provision of a digitalisation hub, a free service for members and the wider business community;  
  • A well-being hub which can be accessed by members, students and staff 
  • We have completed an organisational sustainability audit, which marks the beginning of our sustainability journey  
Access the full Annual Report here.