Have your say on the FRC’s periodic review of UK and Ireland accounting standards


The FRC has issued an update on the progress of its periodic review of UK and Ireland accounting standards, as at April 2022.
To support the review, the FRC will be holding a series of roundtables so that stakeholders can have their say on specific topics.
The FRC is particularly keen to hear from preparers and users of accounts on the following topics:
  • Preparers: Lease accounting – 17 May 1000-1200
  • Preparers: Credit loss accounting – 7 June 1000-1200
  • Preparers: Revenue accounting – 14 June 1000-1200
  • Users: Revenue, leases and credit losses – 21 June 1000-1200

To register for the roundtables please email: stakeholderengagement@frc.org.uk. Note that stakeholders will be able to attend the roundtables in-person and virtually.