Incorporating your Practice


If you are considering the incorporation of your practice, please ensure that you register your new firm with CPA Ireland in advance of the transfer.
If you intend to register a new non-audit firm, then you should complete and submit a non-audit firm registration form. For new audit firms, members should complete an audit firm form.
From a registration point of view please note the following;
  • There are strict control requirements that apply to the registration of an audit firm in terms of voting rights and headcount. For details, please click here. The voting rights of a non-audit firm must be controlled by practising certificate holders.
  • Additional directors must register with CPA Ireland as affiliated partners. For details click here.
Other matters such as Professional Indemnity Insurance, taxation, employment issues, engagement letters, resignation from audit engagements, headed paper etc should also be carefully considered.Enquires should be directed to Cath Matthews, Professional Standards Dept,