eRCT Bulk Rate Review


On the 6 April 2019 Revenue ran the first RCT Bulk Rate Review (BRR) of 2019. The BRR assesses the current compliance position of each subcontractor in the eRCT system and a determination of their RCT Deduction rate, of either 0%, 20% or 35%, is then made.

This year, in advance of the BRR, subcontractors were reminded that outstanding VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD) may result in a subcontractor having their rate moved to a higher rate of 20% or 35%, dependant on the level of non-compliance. Revenue published an eBrief on the topic.

Subcontractors who have moved to a higher rate of RCT can check the reasons why such a determination was made using the RCT self -service options in ROS. Once the compliance issues have been resolved, subcontractors can self-review their RCT rate in ROS and receive a new rate determination. See the RCT for subcontractors manual for more information.