Call for Research 2020

CPA Ireland is issuing a call for research submissions in the field of accountancy and invites both members of the academic community at doctoral or masters level in addition to accountants actively engaged in practice or industry to submit an application for research funding. Applications from overseas candidates are also welcome. Funding of up to €2,500 per research project is available. Proposals will be submitted to the CPA Ireland Research Board for consideration. Each applicant will be advised within two weeks of the submission deadline on whether funding has been granted or not. 

CPA Ireland has a particular interest in pursuing research in the following topics 

  • Big Data and Ethics – Exploring the Ethics in the Underlying Algorithms, an audit perspective
  • Teaching Professional Scepticism in Audit - The Challenge of Teaching Auditing Students how to Develop an Enquiring Mindset
  • Encouraging Sustainability Reporting in Financial Reports Without the Stick of Legal Reporting Requirements
  • HEI alternative approaches to assessment. Continuous assessment v examinations in the context of access to professional qualifications. Ensuring the level of academic rigour required, addressing security, collusion, integrity etc.
  • The Impact of Audit Exemption on Auditor Training
  • To Audit or Avail of Audit Exemption – a decision for all SME’s and DAC’s – an analysis of the benefits and risks associated with both options
Applications not directly linked to these topics will still be considered and are welcomed. CPA Ireland encourages the dissemination of knowledge and a summary of the research results and findings will be circulated to the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), published in CPA Ireland’s official journal  Accountancy Plus and on the CPA Ireland website. Publication of the research results in an academic journal will be supported and encouraged. In such instances, full acknowledgement of support/collaboration from CPA Ireland must be specified.

Applicants are required to submit a current CV in addition to the completed application form to CPA Ireland.

A well structured application will includ the following details: 

  • Introduction - Provide an overview of the topic you wish to investigate 
  • Research aims and objectives – Be clear and concise in expressing what you wish to achieve through the research and the means by which you will do so
  • Methodology – What approach will you use, how will data be collected and analysed
  • A concise review of any previous research conducted in the area – relevant literature should be referenced accordingly
  • Contribution to body of knowledge – How will this research contribute to the accountancy profession overall including academic communities, public interest groups, policy makers and influencing best practice policy
  • Expected outcomes

Application Form

To download the Application Form please click here. For further information please contact Deirdre McDonnell by email (

Closing Date for Submissions

Applications are due for submission by 5pm on Friday 28 June 2019. 

CPA Ireland Research Board

Members of the CPA Ireland Research Board include:

Mr. Geoffrey Meagher (Chairman)
Mr. John Cusack (Council)
Professor Niamh Brennan (UCD Quinn School of Business)
Prof Bernard Pierce (DCU Business School)
Prof Pat Gibbons (UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School)