Retirement Planning Council

Fact: A Planned Retirement is a Happy Retirement

Retirement is but one major change in our lives. For any major change to be accepted a period of transition must be involved. So the first thing to realise is that while our place in the world changes, there is a future full of opportunities. We need to plan to realise these opportunities to the full.

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland (RPC) was founded in 1974. We are supported by members comprising private companies, state & semi-state organisations and individuals. As a registered charity, the highest standard of corporate governance is overseen by our voluntary Board of Directors.

The RPC organises pre-retirement courses weekly in Dublin and at venues throughout the country on a regular basis. RPC is also unique in that life-long support, by phone and email, is available to those who complete a Planning for Retirement course with the RPC – at NO additional charge.

Our courses will help you to:
  • Accept that change happens in many ways throughout life
  • Deal with the specific things that change in retirement
  • Realise the opportunities that exist to enjoy an active retirement
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Know your Social Welfare entitlements
  • Deal with taxation and investment issues that arise.
  • Consider legal matters (Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.)
  • Plan for the future
RPC is delighted to offer CPA Members it's corporate rate for it's courses.

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland is a not for profit organisation, a registered charity and a centre of excellence in providing Retirement Educational Programmes. We are an independent organisation and are not affiliated to any financial service organisations. Find out more about the RPC and it's courses here. For any queries please contact: