Office Insurance

JDM Insurance provides excellent office insurance solutions providing cover for protection to Buildings, Office Contents and other property, Financial Loss, Money Cover and Legal Liabilities in one convenient policy. Further information about the cover and how to obtain a quote can be found below. 

What cover is available?
  • Buildings
Includes office and residential accommodation and any out-buildings used in connection with the business or for domestic purposes, walls, gates and fences, landlord’s fixtures and fittings and underground pipes and cables for which you are responsible.
  • Contents
Includes loss or damage to office contents and trade samples.
  • Business Interruption/Financial Loss
Covers you against loss of income and/or extra expenses incurred as a result of the interruption or interference to your business caused by damage to buildings or contents.
  • Money Cover
Cover against theft of money.
  • Legal Liabilities 
Cover for legal liabilities arising out of bodily injury to employees and members of the public.  
  • Want to obtain a quote and find out more? 
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