Student Enterprise Programme Finance Award


CPA Ireland were delighted to sponsor the Finance Award at the Student Enterprise Awards Finals 2024, held at the Mullingar Park Hotel last Thursday the 9th of May.

The CPA Ireland Student Recruitment team had a great day at the event and it was very inspiring to see all the upcoming entrepreneurial talent from second level students. There is also a flair for finances as it was a very difficult decision for Jude Condell, Director of Business Development at CPA Ireland to pick a winning Finance Plan.

Speaking on the winning plan Jude commented:

“The research and time put in to achieve an efficient benchmark for the product price, along with the capability to keep production costs in house made this product really stand out from the rest.”

In the end the award went to Alex McVicor and his product Dripfeed, an innovative, simple to use, automatic plant watering system that is fully recyclable. DripFeed’s innovative self-watering plant system represents a groundbreaking solution for plant enthusiasts seeking hassle-free maintenance and optimal growth. Built around a small water reservoir, this system employs drip-feed technology to deliver precise amounts of water to plants over extended periods.

A student of  St. Mcartan’s College, Monaghan, we are sure to see Alex’ product on our hardware store shelves very soon.