Professional Accountancy Body CEO of the Year


Eamonn Siggins, the CEO of CPA Ireland, has been named as the Professional Accountancy Body CEO of the year, by the prestigious CEO Monthly magazine.

The award is made to the leader of an accountancy body, anywhere in the world, that has excelled in the past year.
Siggins has recently celebrated 30 years leading CPA Ireland, who are one of Ireland’s leading accountancy bodies. CPA Ireland boast over 4,000 members, who advise over 100,000 SMEs across Ireland each day.

In honouring Eamonn CEO Monthly stated that “Eamonn has developed an agile and innovative team that has transformed CPA Ireland into an institute which provides its members with an unrivalled personal and professional service.”

CEO Monthly select their award winners by reviewing publicly available sources, such as industry journals, company websites and press releases to compile a shortlist and then examining these in further detail to select a winner. Criteria assessed include testimonials of the CPA Ireland team, review of successful new services they have launched and CPA Ireland’s high quality digital preference.

Accepting the award Eamonn Siggins said “This tremendous honour is a recognition of the entire CPA Ireland team and the role our wider membership has played in advancing the role of the accountant in recent years. We have introduced innovative new education and training opportunities that always aim to progress the benefit Irish CPA’s deliver to the economy and societies.”

“Our team have been at the forefront of integrating technology into accountancy over the last number of years. This has included launching a new ‘technology first’ syllabus in 2020 and introducing the CPA Sustainability Hub in 2022 to train Irish accountants on their vital role in climate change. Last year we introduced the CPA Metaverse which used virtual reality headsets to provide training in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

“Accountancy continues to change at a rapid pace, and it is the responsibility of CPA Ireland to be a leader rather than a follower in delivering this change.”

Congratulating Siggins on his award, CPA Ireland President Mark Gargan said “Eamonn has been the central figure of Ireland’s accountancy profession for three decades. This award is a recognition of his tremendous legacy and achievements. This is an exciting time to work in accountancy and thanks to Eamonn and the CPA Ireland team, it is a particularly exciting time to be an Irish CPA.”

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