Nominations for Council 2024


Dear Member,
Nominations for election to Council are required to be returned to the Secretary of the Institute not later than 14 February 2024.
In accordance with Article 28, a Member, other than a retiring Elected Council Member and an AIPA/FIPA Member shall be eligible for election as an Elected Council Member provided he has: -
(i)       been nominated by Council, or
(ii)      already served as an Elected Council Member, or
(iii)   served for not less than two years as a member of a Committee of the Institute or as a member of the Committee of a Regional Society of the Institute, and unless notice in writing proposing him for election thereto at the next General Meeting of the Institute at which elections are held has been given to the Secretary not later than 14th February and not earlier than the 1st January in the year in which the election takes place, by two Members qualified to vote at such election, and a statement under the hand of the person proposed for election of his willingness to be elected an Elected Council Member must accompany the said notice.

Please find the nomination paper here.
Each nomination will be supported by a profile of the candidate, which should be submitted together with the nomination paper.
The profile shall contain information regarding the candidate as follows:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Year of entry into CPA membership
  • A statement - not more than 100 words - as to why election to Council is sought

Yours sincerely,

Cait Carmody,