CPA Ireland wins Innovation of the Year Award


CPA Ireland was crowned the winner of the Innovation of the Year award for the CPA Ireland metaverse at the 2024 Association and Institute Awards.

The award recognises a project, action or initiative carried out by an association, institute or society in Ireland that can best demonstrate true innovation.

The CPA Ireland Metaverse in association with CPA Ireland Skillnet clearly demonstrates these values by offering a method of learning never seen before in the accounting space.

Using virtual reality to provide learners with an immersive, motivating and fun way of learning, the CPA Ireland metaverse provides accountants with access to training in topics outside of their day to day tasks such as Robotic Process Automation.

Congratulations to the CPA Ireland team on the recognition of their hard work to bring this project to fruition, and we look forward to all that it will achieve in the future.


For more information on the CPA Ireland metaverse and training available click here: