CPA Ireland Insights Series


CPA Ireland recently held a weekly insights series poll to assess the career aspirations of future accountants including questions on sustainability, emerging technologies including Data analytics, global opportunities, and career ambitions. As a CPA trainee, you will be in control of your own future. CPA Ireland is preparing CPA trainees with the future skills for the ever-advancing future of accounting and providing solutions for all CPA trainees.

If you want a dual qualification in data analytics, to travel the world, to be become a CFO or CEO, own your own practice or to study strategy and leadership to enable you to create sustainability strategies and add value to the businesses you will work within. You can also aspire to climb the career ladder and work in a range of future focused industries with endless job opportunities both in Ireland and abroad.


Strategy & Leadership 
Dedicated modules like Strategy & Leadership in the CPA Ireland Professional Accountancy Qualification can give CPA students the strategic framework to excel in their career and climb the career ladder. 

Sustainability Reporting and Carbon Accounting 
We want our students to be forefront of influencing a greener future. CPA accountants will be able incorporate sustainability reporting and carbon accounting strategies into organisations. 

Disruptive and Emerging Technologies 
With new emerging and disruptive technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Robotic Automation, Fintech among others, CPA Ireland has integrated these topics across various subjects within our new ‘Ready to Face the Future of Accounting’ syllabus. 

Data Analytics for Finance 
CPA Ireland is preparing its students with the skillset for future jobs. CPA students can earn a dual qualification in Data Analytics in collaboration with the Analytics Institute. 

Travel with a Global Qualification 
As a qualified CPA, you have the supports of an Irish accountancy body throughout your career whether you wish to stay in Ireland or go abroad, you have a globally recognised professional accountancy qualification that is your passport to work and travel globally. 

Endless Job Opportunities 
CPAs work in a multitude of business sectors and roles worldwide. The CPA Ireland qualification gives our students the expertise to control their own professional destiny and career. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in the CPA Qualification don't hesitate to contact us or you can download the qualification brochure here.