CPA Ireland wins European Digitalisation Award at Accountancy Europe


CPA Ireland Skillnet, in conjunction with CPA Ireland, has been awarded the Digitalisation Award for Member Services by Accountancy Europe. The Award recognises the digital transformation delivered by CPA Ireland Skillnet and its promoting organisation, CPA Ireland, to its members and the positive impact on the accountancy profession in Ireland.

With over 5,000 members and students, CPA Ireland has embraced technology to bring immersive, lifelong, autonomous learning to CPA Ireland members through a digital first initiative. To deliver this CPA Ireland implemented a new learning management system (LMS) that was launched in September 2018, with over 250 members completing online programmes within the first year.

Speaking about the award, Director of Member Services Patricia O ‘Neill said “Traditional learning methods for the professional development of accountants have needed to evolve to become flexible and to fit into the busy daily lives of accountants. In CPA Ireland we are focussed on empowering our members to continue learning throughout their careers. Enhancing our services through new digital tools is one of the many ways we help our members to do so”.

“In late 2017 we observed a significant increase in the use of live streaming from our members and have worked to foster this new way of delivering innovative and forward-thinking member services. We are delivering learning in an innovative way, making learning channels better. We implemented a new learning management system Canvas, an advantage of which is its open API’s which has allowed us to smoothly integrate with other applications such as social media platforms, YouTube, livestreaming equipment and website for our members. This is another great example of how Skillnet Ireland is supporting our profession to realise their potential by funding such innovative initiatives.”

The new LMS, Canvas, organises all the tools and resources in one location which can be accessed at any time or place from a computer or smart device, allowing CPA Ireland members to maximise their learning experience.

Commenting on the announcement, Dave Flynn, Executive Director at Skillnet Ireland said “Disruptive forces, including new technologies are having a significant impact on the skills required in workplaces of the future. Making use of technology to deliver CPD programmes in a way that is flexible, accessible and integrated within work is particularly relevant for a sector with a geographically dispersed member and student base.

We are pleased to see the work of CPA Ireland Skillnet and CPA Ireland recognised by their peers on a European stage and we applaud the ongoing work of CPA Ireland Skillnet in transforming workforce upskilling and development in the Accounting sector.”


Pictured left to right at the Accountancy Europe Digitalisation Awards 2019.

Roisin McEntee, Further Learning Executive, Member Services, Gillian Peters, Director of Business Development, Aisling Mooney, Administration Assistant, Member Services, CPA Ireland; Olivier Boutellis-Taft, CEO, Accountancy Europe and Patricia O' Neill, Director of Member Services, CPA Ireland.