Edinburgh Group SMP Survey - SMP of the Future in a Changing World


The Edinburgh Group is pleased to launch The SMP Of The Future In A Changing World survey. Please assist us in promoting this important survey on Small- and Medium-Sized Practices (SMPs) starting May 25, 2018. The target audience is professional accountants that are owners of, or employed by, SMPs.

The purpose of The SMP Of The Future study is to inform SMPs, as well as Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs) and other organizations that support SMPs across the globe, on how to best adapt to, and capitalize on, a constantly evolving world. The survey explores the challenges and opportunities associated with, among other things, digital technologies, regulation/deregulation and evolving client expectations regarding the services their SMP should provide.

The SMP of the Future survey was launched in Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish on May 25, 2018 and will remain open until July 15, 2018.  Polish and Russian versions of the survey will launch in late May. 

To complete the survey, please click here 

Edinburgh Group SMP Survey 2018

About the Edinburgh Group

The Edinburgh Group is a coalition of 16 accountancy bodies from across the world, representing over 900,000 professional accountants in countries from Africa, North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Formed in 2000, the mission of the Edinburgh Group is to ensure that the development of the international accountancy profession meets the needs of its diverse stakeholders, reflecting progress in the global economy and society at large.

To do this, the Edinburgh Group champions the interests of SMEs/SMPs, professional accountants in business and developing nations in particular within IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).

For further details, please visit the Edinburgh Group website - http://www.edinburgh-group.org/