CPA Ireland Lobbying Activities


As an accountancy body, CPA Ireland is committed to supporting its members and wider stakeholders by lobbying with Government on topics such as promoting the profession and on matters that will ease the burden on accountants doing business in Ireland.


The following outlines the activities that took place and were recently filed with the register of Lobbying which is maintained by the Standards in Public Office Commission (Standards Commission).


Company (Statutory Audits) Bill


CPA Ireland has welcomed the passing of amendments to the Companies (Statutory Audits) Bill 2017 which it says will benefit small to medium sized businesses. CPA Ireland had been strongly opposed to proposals which would have required small companies to apply to the High Court for an Audit Exemption if they missed the deadline for filing annual returns with the CRO.  


A lobbying campaign carried out in 2018 which actively encouraged members to lobby to their public representatives on Section 343 of the Companies Act 2017 has been successful in its activities on the Company (Statutory) Audits Bill 2017 resulting in the retention of the right to apply to extend late filing in the District Court. 


Leaving Certificate Accountancy Syllabus


CPA Ireland has lobbied and called for the urgent updating of the Leaving certificate accountancy syllabus. Following a review of the current syllabus which was last updated in 1996 and recent accounting examination which took place on June 18th, CPA Ireland feel that it is no fit for purpose and not a representative view of today’s accountant.


The syllabus needs to be modernised so that there is a syllabus at second level that shows the breadth of career options in Accountancy. This aligns to the Government’s Skills Strategy 2025 and in turn implementing a revised syllabus will assist in supporting Ireland’s competitiveness.


Pre Budget-Submission 2019


CPA Ireland Pre-Budget 2019 lobbying submission outlined recommendations for government to provide support in the areas of Research & Development Tax Credits, Capital Gains Tax and Personal Taxation, as well as the need to provide targeted support to indigenous Irish businesses particularly those with growth potential to compete internationally.


CPA Ireland is continuously aiming to create a vibrant and progressive future for the accountancy profession and remains committed to the evolving needs of its membership.