Building Ireland's Future, The Role of the Professions


Given the importance of public trust and confidence in the professions, the significance of professional qualifications and standards to multinationals, as evidenced in recent research, and the overall role of Ireland’s professional bodies in providing world-class education and regulation of our professions, a collective group of 11 professional bodies has published a report ‘Building Ireland’s Future – The Role of the Professions’

The report is a collaborative piece of work by 11 professional bodies in Ireland that represent over 70,000 members in various professions.

These include: 

  • Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland 
  • Association of Optometrists Ireland 
  • CPA Ireland
  • Engineers Ireland 
  • Institute of Directors (IOD) in Ireland 
  • Irish Dental Association 
  • Irish Pharmacy Union 
  • Irish Tax Institute 
  • Law Society of Ireland 
  • Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland 
  • Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland 


CPA Ireland is proud be a significant contributor and the only professional accountancy body in Ireland to be involved in the “Building Ireland’s Future, The Role of the Professions” report, which was recently published by the Irish Tax Institute.

A survey of senior executives across 50 multinational companies, carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes from April 26th to May 9th 2018, found overwhelming support for Ireland’s professional qualifications and standards. Professional skills and expertise emerged as the single most important factor for multinational companies when choosing a professional service provider in Ireland.

88% say professional qualifications are important in inspiring trust and confidence when recruiting staff in Ireland, while 94% felt professional qualifications give them confidence in terms of the standard of the individuals they are recruiting or hiring. 

A key objective of the research was to understand the link between multinational company choices and the availability of skilled people with professional skills.

To read the report, please click here Building Ireland's Future - The Role of the Professions