Reference Letters

These must be original signed references on either a scanned headed letter or headed PDF document that are written for the specific purpose of your application for admission to membership. 

One reference must be a qualified accountant (CPA, ACCA, CIMA, ACA, etc). Typically, this reference will be from the person who has signed off your training records, competency records and behavioural attributes. The second reference can be from a senior manager or another qualified accountant if applicable. Both references can be from the same organisation if you have been working in the same  organisation for a number of years. Otherwise you may use a (recent) previous employer to provide the second reference.

The referee must state (at a minimum):
“I have no hesitation in recommending {insert name} for Admission to Membership of CPA”
"{insert name} is at the level expected of a Newly Qualified Accountant
Letter must provide a number of areas that you are competent in (e.g "{Insert Name} is competent in the preparation of final accounts")
!{insert name} behaves ethically and professionally at all times.!

These references must be submitted via company email by each referee directly to Brenda at