Initial Engagements, Opening Balances, Corresponding Figures & Comparatives
by Ger Long, March 2016

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The Value & Importance of Integrated Reporting 
In the first installment of the IFAC Global Knowledge Gateway video series, On the Importance of Integrated Reporting, Marc Bihain, Secretary General of the Institute of Registered Auditors, discusses the importance of integrated reporting and recent legislation that facilitates its use across Europe. He also provides insight into the role of the auditor in financial and non-financial reporting as well as its value for investors. 

The threats to,  and safeguards against compromising the Auditor's Independence
by Dave O'Donoghue,  Lecturer, Independent College Dublin, March 2012.


April 2014 Case Study - The Irish View Ltd. 
This webinar has been prepared to discuss aspects to the case study question on the April 2014 Audit Practice & Assurance examination which will assist students in approaching a case study question (which is a mandatory question) in future examinations. 
by Ger Long, Examiner, August 2014.