Study & Examination Techniques Guide

Study Techniques

What is the best way to manage my time?
• Identify all available free time between now and the examinations.
• Prepare a revision timetable with a list of “must do” activities.
• Remember to take a break (approx 10 minutes) after periods of intense study. 

What areas should I revise?
• Rank your competence from Low to Medium to High for each topic.
• Allocate the least amount of time to topics ranked as high.
• Allocate between 25% - 50% of time for medium competence.
• Allocate up to 50% of time for low competence.

How do I prevent myself veering off-track?
• Introduce variety to your revision schedule.
• Change from one subject to another during the course of the day.
• Stick to your revision timetable to avoid spending too much time on one topic.

Are study groups a good idea?
• Yes, great learning happens in groups.
• Organise a study group with 4 – 6 people.
• Invite classmates of different strengths so that you can learn from one another.
• Share your notes to identify any gaps.

Other study tips
• Practise past examination questions in exam conditions.
• Re-read class notes and summaries.
• Prepare flash cards and mind maps.
• Maintain a healthy diet and get adequate sleep.
• Think positively. 

Examination Techniques

How do I approach each examination question?
• Firstly, don't panic!
• Start with the question you are best prepared to answer first (creates a good first impression with the examiner).
• Then work your way down, answering the questions in the order from your strongest to weakest topics.
• Before answering any question, write down some key points (helps you to lay out your answer). 

How do I approach each examination question?
• Allocate a proportionate amount of time to each question. (Stick to this time allocation).
• Read the question three times and understand what is being asked.
• Present your answer clearly (calculations, lay out, spelling, hand writing etc).
• Show how you have calculated your findings by using headings with key words. 

How do I approach each examination question?
• Do not repeat the same points. (Will not gain you an extra marks). Avoid waffle.
• Show clear workings. Marks are awarded for method even if your answer is not correct.
• Complete all questions required.
• Review your answers in the last 5 minutes of the examination to make any final amendments.