Benefits for Learners & Employers

Why do this course?

There is an urgent need for accountants who use UK & Irish GAAP to get to grips with the new financial reporting standard FRS 102, which replaced UK & Irish GAAP for accounting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2015.

CPA Ireland presents the FRS 102 Online Course which was developed by CPA Ireland Skillnet to equip accounting professionals with a full understanding of and a capacity to apply the new standards.

Benefits for Employers

There was a radical change to the Accounting Standards in use in Ireland by SMEs in 2015. The changes were designed to reduce the costs of financial reporting.

This course will ensure that your employees are brought up to date on the current reporting requirements and therefore the cost savings available to your organisation.

It will enable them to apply the current standards correctly to your annual and periodical accounts and so reduce the possibility of costly redrafting.

I found the CPA Course in FRS 102 a wonderful learning experience and my company is now ready for implementation of the standard.

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