Accessing your online course on Canvas

You can access this course though our Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas on

Please note that Canvas is not compatible with Internet Explorer, so we recommend using Firefox or Chrome to access your course. Please ensure that you are using the most up to date version of your browser when accessing your course.

IMPORTANT: It is vital that read the instructions below and that you update your Canvas account with your full name and email address, otherwise we will be unable to assign CPD for your courses. Instructions on how to do this can be found in steps 2 & 3 below.

If you have any issues, please contact Reception at or call 01-425-1000

Setting Up Your Canvas Account

Please see drop-down menu below for instructions on how to log in to Canvas and set up your profile before starting your online course.

  • 1. Logging in to Canvas

    The access key you receive is structured LOGINID-PASSWORD.

    So, for example, if your access key is CPACOURSE155-MYHDSQHV then your login information is as follows:

    Login ID: CPACOURSE155
    Password: MYHDSQHV

    Go to and enter your login ID in the email field and the password in the password field exactly as shown (please note that passwords are case sensitive)

    * IMPORTANT NOTE: there is no email address assigned to automatically issued access keys so please do not attempt to log in using an email address.
    If you already have an account on Canvas, please see below information on how to add your new courses to your existing account.

    Once you have logged in to Canvas using your Login ID and Password, you will be able to see your dashboard and accept the course invitation. Before starting your course, please ensure that you have updated your profile to include your full name and email address, otherwiswe will be unable to assign CPD.

    After you have registered on Canvas, you can then also access the course on the “Canvas Student” app, which can be downloaded from the Android and Apple App Stores. Once you download it, click “Find My School” and search for CPA Ireland and select this. You can then log in with your username and password. 
  • 2. Updating Your Canvas Account
    Once you have logged in to Canvas, you will need to update your Canvas account to include your full name and email address. If you do not update your account, we will be unable to assign CPD hours for courses to your profile.

    To update your name, click on "Account" under the avatar on the left hand side of the Canvas page, and select "Settings" on the menu that appears. Then, click on "Edit Settings" on the left side of the screen.

    From here, you can enter your full name (first name & surname) into the text box. This will autofill the Display Name and Sortable Name fields. 

    You can also select the "Change Password" option if you would like to set an easier to remember password.
    Make sure you keep a note of your new password, as we are unable to access password information on our end.

    Once you have updated your name, make sure you click "Update Settings" to save your changes. 
  • 3. Adding Your Email Address
    To update your email, click on "Account" under the avatar on the left hand side of the Canvas page, and select "Settings" on the menu that appears. Then, click on "+ Email address" on the left side of the screen.

    After you click + Email address, you can add the email you would like associated with your account.

    Enter your email address and click "Register Email"

    You will then receive a notification to this email address from Click on "Click here to confirm this registration" to add this email address to your account.

    This email may take a few minutes to come through - please do not resend the verification multiple times as this may result in the email being blocked by your email client. Some email addresses, particularly business emails, may have blocked these type of automated emails from coming through. If you can't find the email in your clutter or junk folder, you may need to try a different email address.

    Once you have added your email address, you will see a star beside it meaning that it is your default email. If you have more than one email address, you can select which one you want to set as your default address for notifications.

    You will be still need to use the Login ID you were originally issues to access Canvas. If you wish to change your Login ID to your email address, please contact CPA Ireland and we can arrange that for you.

  • 4. Canvas Notifications
    To select the notification you would like to receive from CPA Ireland through Canvas, you can once again click on "Account" under the avatar on the left hand side of the Canvas page, and select "Notifications" on the menu that appears. You will not be able to change your notification settings until you have registered your email to your account.

    This will present you with several options for how and when you receive notifications. If there is an assignment element you you online course, you should turn on "Due Date" notifications. Please keep "Announcement" notifications switched on, as these will contain important updates relating to your course.

    Notifications can also be set at a course level, so you can select different notification preferences for each course.

  • * I already have an account on Canvas. How do I add my new course to that account?
    If you already have a Canvas account, we can add your new course to your existing account so you can access everything on the same dashboard.

    Please email us on and include the name of the course, the access key you were given for your new course, and the email address associated with the existing Canvas account. We will confirm that this has been done within two working days.

    If you wish, you can follow the instructions above to begin your course. Once your course has been added to your existing account, your progress will be saved.


Log in to Canvas

Click "Log In" to be redirected to the log in page on Canvas.

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