CPA FastTrack

CPA FastTrack allows students who are still in college to register with CPA now and start their 3 years training while still in college. Students can qualify faster with CPA than any other accountancy body.


"We would highly recommend CPA FastTrack. We were looking for an extra resource during the summer months and the FastTrack programme gave us access to high calibre third level accounting students. Not only did Hurley Accountancy benefit from having a FastTrack intern but the student also got to count their work experience towards the three year training requirement with CPA"

- Imelda Hurley, Hurley Accountancy


''CPA was always my first preference and having the opportunity to fast track my training was something that I couldn’t say no to. Starting is the hardest part, now that I’ve already begun, I can’t wait to get the qualification I’ve worked so hard for''

- Mark Twomey, CIT & CPA FastTrack Student

CPA FastTrack

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