Not fully qualified

If you are not fully qualified or the accounting body you are a member of does not have a mutual recognition agreement with CPA Ireland don’t worry, there is a pathway for you!
There are several options available to you, depending on your circumstances:

1) If you have a degree in accounting or another relevant field:

  • you can register with CPA Ireland as a Trainee Accountant.
They will evaluate the completed qualification and potentially grant several exemptions.
The program will include passing a several exams and gaining relevant work experience.
You will need the confirmation of registration for the program, along with a placement contract, to apply for the Training visa or enter Ireland as trainee (if you fall under the visa-exempt category).
Once in Ireland, you will need to register with INIS. Your Irish residence permit will be issued under the Stamp 1a Trainee Accountant category.

Once the program is completed and you become a member CPA Ireland you will have the option to obtain an employment permit based on a job offer.
  • you can obtain a General Employment permit under the Accounting Technician category. It will give you the right to work for your employer in Ireland and if in the meantime you meet the relevant membership requirements, you might have the option to obtain a Critical Skills Employment permit.
Once the permit is issued, you will need an Employment visa (unless you are from a visa-exempt country) and register with INIS after arrival. The IRP in that case is under the Stamp 1 – Permit Holder.

2) You can enrol in a degree course in Ireland.

Based on that you will be able to apply for a Student visa (or enter Ireland as a Student if you are visa-exempt) and that will give you the right to study and also work part time. Once in Ireland, you will need to register with INIS and will obtain IRP under the Stamp 2 – Student category.

Upon the completion of the degree course, you will have the option to get permission to remain in Ireland as a “Third level graduate” for up to 12 months (in case of Bachelor degree) or up to 24 months (in case of a Master degree). As a “Third level graduate” (registered with INIS under Stamp 1g), you will have the right to work full time and switch to an employment permit once you have a suitable job offer.

If in the meantime you manage to meet the membership requirements and become a member of a CPA Ireland, you can obtain a permit (a General or Critical Skills) under the “Accountant” category. Once you update your INIS registration and your IRP is issued, it will be under Stamp 1 – Permit holder.

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