Interview Guidelines for Trainees

Author: Chantal Haynes- Curley

To be a successful candidate you will have demonstratable motivation in pursuing a career as a CPA  Accountant. You will be expected to fully understand the practical nature of the role you will be training for and a capacity to apply the knowledge required to get started.

General duties may include tasks such as working on bank reconciliations, preparing accounts for individuals and companies, PAYE/PRSI returns, audit work, preparation of annual taxation and companies returns. So it’s a good idea to reflect on these skills and your ability to execute them before attending an interview.

A good share of the work you will be doing is likely to involve using computer-based software packages therefore be sure to discuss your aptitude in IT.

You will also be expected to work as part of a team, follow instruction and interact with clients (from early on) therefore its important to discuss your transferrable skills in communication, teamwork, time management etc.