CPA Member: Judith Condell

Title: Business Development Lead

Company: CPA Ireland

Qualifications: ATI, CPA Qualification


Route to CPA Qualification

After my leaving certificate, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and deferred college places to work in Bank of Ireland. I then travelled to the USA and continued to work in the financial services industry however was frustrated as I was restricted in my progress as I didn’t have an official qualification or letters after my name. To progress to a career and at a level I wanted I knew I’d have to get a professional qualification. I completed the Accounts Technician evening course in my local college and once completed I knew I wanted to continue my studies and become a qualified accountant. While in America the CPA designation was highly sought after and the support and flexibility around the study and exam options made the decision very easy, I then registered and completed my professional exams with CPA Ireland.

A day in the life 

Work-life balance is extremely important to me however it wasn’t always the case. In my previous roles, I have travelled a lot for my career and enjoyed it however in recent years I have preferred being back in Ireland. I started working directly with CPA Ireland in Jan 2023 as the Business Development Lead and this covers areas such as student recruitment, marketing, company branding, business development, employer engagement, networking, trainee accountant placements, and PR.  
This is a non-traditional role for an accountant however every day is very varied and interesting, the CPA qualification has proved an excellent business qualification and has assisted in all the areas I currently work in and is also an added benefit to the networking and groups I liaise in.

Fun fact 

I come from a large family so enjoy spending time with them and my friends as much as possible. I like to go to the gym and train most days and absolutely adore time with my British Bulldog, Bentley Francis  :- )

Advice for someone considering the CPA Qualification

The CPA qualification opened so many doors for me throughout my career. It gave me the confidence to go after the roles I wanted and gave me the opportunity to travel and see the world while also continuing to progress in my career. Several of my roles involved liaising directly with CFOs and CEOs, of various companies, in several countries, giving them financial advice and as I was a CPA they listened to that advice and put their trust in me.
My advice would be to take every opportunity you can as even if it's not what you initially expected it to be it is still a valid experience and it will assist in making your next move.