CPA Member: Vinny DurĂ¡n Kearns

Title: Chief Executive Officer 

Company: Owl Payments Europe, a Tripadvisor Company

Qualifications: ATI, CPA Qualification


Route to CPA Qualification

Prior to attaining CPA membership, I studied to become an Accounting Technician, to which I am now a Fellow member. This initial qualification as an Accounting Technician, laid the foundation for my subsequent journey towards becoming a CPA.
The transition from being an Accounting Technician to a CPA was a natural and progressive one. A pivotal factor in this progression was the recommendation and guidance provided by a former manager, who himself holds the CPA qualification as a member of CPA Ireland. His firsthand experience and insights into the benefits and opportunities that the CPA qualification could unlock in terms of career advancement and professional growth played a pivotal role in shaping my decision.
The recommendation from my former manager prompted me to explore the CPA qualification further, and I found that it aligned seamlessly with my existing knowledge and skills acquired through my Accounting Technician studies. The information provided regarding the multifaceted advantages and the expanded horizons that the CPA qualification could offer in my professional journey resonated strongly with me.
In hindsight, the advice given by my former manager regarding pursuing the CPA qualification stands out as one of the most impactful pieces of guidance I have ever received. It has proven to be a transformative step in my career trajectory. Embracing the CPA qualification has not only enriched my expertise but also opened doors to enhanced opportunities, greater responsibilities, and a more.


A day in the life 

In my role as CEO, a typical day holds a unique blend of challenges and responsibilities. The day is characterised by a dynamic balance between strategic decision-making, leadership, and navigating the intricacies of the evolving payments landscape.
The morning routine often begins with a comprehensive review of the latest news in the payments sector. Staying abreast of market shifts, emerging technologies, and geopolitical developments.
The day then transitions to a series of meetings. Collaborating with the executive team were discussions delve into diverse aspects of the institution's operations.
The day may also consist of  stakeholder engagement. Meetings with regulatory bodies & industry associations.
Given the highly regulated nature inherent to the operation of a payments institution I try to dedicate time acquiring a comprehensive comprehension of forthcoming regulations and legislations, to discern the potential implications they might engender upon the institution's operations.
I am married with 3 Kids, 2,5 &7 . So in the evening I joy spending time with the family and hearing how their days have gone.

Fun fact 

I was born in Chile South America and speak Spanish.
In my spare time I like to volunteer at Barretstown, a children’s charity for families living with serious illness.
I enjoy Rugby and will be travelling to France to support Ireland in the world cup

Advice for someone considering the CPA Qualification

The path to becoming a CPA requires commitment, hard work, and dedication. It's not just about passing exams; it's about acquiring knowledge and skills that will shape your career for years to come.
If you're driven by a passion for business, a hunger for professional growth, and a desire to make a meaningful impact in the financial world, pursuing the CPA qualification could be one of the most impactful decisions you'll ever make.