CPA Member: Colette Harte

Title: Deputy Executive Director

Company: UNICEF Ireland

Qualifications: ATI, CPA Qualification


Route to CPA Qualification

After Leaving Certificate I began my career in the field of shipping and customs clearance. In the early 1990s, as the European trade borders were undergoing relaxation, I received an offer to transition to the finance department with the provision of educational support. Initially, I enrolled in an Accounting Technician course, and upon its completion, I advanced to pursue a CPA qualification. My inclination towards accounting had always been a driving factor in my career journey

A day in the life 

A glimpse into My Daily Routine.
The range of my responsibilities is broad and varied, guaranteeing that no two days resemble one another. I'm involved in multiple projects, all aimed at the primary objective of boosting efficiency and furnishing quality data to serve the organization's goals. My dedication to my work is unwavering, and I enjoy every day. The relationship I share with my colleagues is exceptional, and I deeply value the significant mission of the organization to which I belong.

Fun fact 

A fun fact about me is that I am not just an accountant, I can seamlessly transition to embracing the serene balance of activities like yoga, Pilates, and meditation. I've embraced life's diverse experiences with a determination that mirrors my love for both numbers and wellness activities.

Advice for someone considering the CPA Qualification

The CPA qualification is a great way to learn and educate yourself while at the same time gain valuable practical experience in practice or CPA is a very worthwhile qualification which is highly regarded in the business and financial word.  It can open doors to more advanced job opportunities.  CPAs are not limited to traditional accounting roles.  The certification can lead to a variety of career opportunities.  If you have a passion for accounting and finance becoming a CPA can provide a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction as you contribute to the financial wellbeing of the organizations, you work with.  A very versatile qualification.