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Training Facts

3 years training

CPA students are required to complete at least 3 years relevant training to qualify as an accountant.

No Training Contracts

CPA Ireland does not confine students to a training contract. This allows for flexibility on your training journey.

Work in practice or industry/business

CPA students can work in practice and/or in industry.


At our offices based in Dublin, we offer unparalleled support to our students and members which is available on a one to one basis if required.

Further information on training

Further in-depth information on the training requirements for CPA Ireland students can be found here.

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My CPA training showed me that there was more to understanding the financials than just the end of year accounts. I wanted business owners to be able to make informed, better business decisions using the accounts and KPI’s for strategic planning.

Angela Garvey, MD & Founder of AG Associates Accountants View all success stories