There are fees associated with completing the CPA qualification;

  • Students will have their student subscription issued at the start of each academic year.
  • There will be a once off exemption fee. This fee can vary depending on the number of exemptions awarded and the stage of exams you are starting at.
  • There will be exam fees to pay depending on the exam stage you are studying in.

These fees do not have to be paid all at once. The student subscription and your exemption fee must be paid before your first exam siting to allow you to sit exams in that particulat sitting. Your exam fee is paid when you book an exam before April or August.

Please see the breakdown of the fees:

Annual Student Subscription: €130 each year

Exemption Fees:
Formation 1 – €45 per subject - €135 for all 3 exams Formation 1
Formation 2 - €45 per subject - €180 for all 4 exams Formation 2
Professional 1 - €60 per subject - €240 for all 4 exams Professional 1
Professional 2 - €75 per subject*
*Please note the exemption fee is capped at €455. This is the maximum exemption fee you will pay even if your exemption fee exceeds €455.

Examination Fees:
Formation 1 – €100 per subject
Formation 2 - €65 per subject
Professional 1 - €80 per subject
Professional 2 - €95 per subject

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