Brexit Opinions & Research

IAASA review Brexit and its potential impact on Audit and Accountancy May 2018

Getting Tax Ready for Brexit Challenges and Opportunities The 2018 Pre-Budget Submission from CCAB-I

Submission from CCAB-I in July 2017 suggesting the Potential to introduce the postponed method of accounting (VAT) in response to Brexit risks

Seamus McCann focused on the potential opportunities which Brexit could provide in June 2017 International Opportunities and the Positives from Brexit

Damian McDonald, Director General of IFA spoke at the 2017 CPA Annual Conference on Brexit as the biggest threat to the Irish Agri Food Sector in a generation. Leadership Insight – Damian McDonald

The Brexit Referendum  In September 2016 Kevin Norton, CEO of Basta Parsons Ltd., provided an opinion piece into the history of Britain and the EU which led to the Brexit referendum.

CCAB-I made a submission in September 2016 on the impacts of Brexit to trade between the UK and Ireland Submission on Brexit: UK-Irish relations inquiry

Brexit - the Impact on the British Irish Economic Relationship  Paul Caplis, Commerical Director with the British Irish Chamber of Commerce considers the impact of a possible British exit from the EU and what it would mean for the British & Irish economic relationship. March 2016

Brexit: The Potential Implications - An IOD Ireland Research Report

This research, carried out by the Institute of Directors in Ireland, in 2016, includes findings from a joint survey of IoD Ireland and IoD UK members, shows that 92% of IoD Ireland respondents disagree with Brexit.

ESRI: Modelling the Medium to Long Term Potential Macroeconomic Impact of Brexit on Ireland

This research, published in November 2016, attempts to quantify the medium to long-run impact of Brexit on the Irish economy under a series of alternative scenarios.