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Financial Reporting Standards

In Europe, new accounting standards are currently in drafting stage to respond to the sustainability reporting requirements.


At its’s basic level, financial reporting information is required to the satisfy the needs of the users of this data. These users transcend all areas of life, from a general citizen to the chief executive of a listed company.

This mirrors the footprint that sustainability practices has on society as it impacts us all and we all have a vested interest to understand our own impact on both supporting sustainable employment practices & the extent to what we invest in has impacted on the natural resources of the earth.

Climate Related Disclosures

The impact climate related matters are having currently before any new standards are operable.

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Financial Reporting Webinars

Listen to our financial reporting webinar series.

Financial Reporting Webinar 1

Review of the FRC Thematic Review: IAS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets.

Financial Reporting Webinar 2

The prominence of Alternative Performance Measures (APM).

Financial Reporting Webinar 3

Company Viability & Going Concern Disclosures.

Financial Reporting Webinar 4

IAS 36 Impairment of Assets – An Analysis

Reporting Standards Tracker

Keep up to date on the Sustainability Reporting Directives as they are released.

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The transition to a sustainable economy is likely to mean that collecting and sharing sustainability information becomes common business practice for companies of all sizes.

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