Do I Qualify for an Auditing Certificate?

To be eligible to act as a statutory auditor, you must hold a practising certificate with audit qualification. This will allow your firm to apply for an audit certificate and for you to engage in statutory audit work.

An audit qualification is obtained by:
  • Completing three years experience working under the direct supervision of a Statutory Auditor in accordance with law, at least two of which must be post admission to Membership and at least 20% of the time spent during those two years must be in an area of Statutory Audit. What experience qualifies as approved post membership experience?
  • Completion of the Practice and Audit Orientation Online Certificates and achieving an appropriate result in the associated examination. This examination must be completed no more than three years prior to the date of application for audit qualification. Find out more about Practice and Audit Orientation Online Certificates.
  • Completing eight hours of Structured Continuing Professional Development in the subject area of Auditing in the twelve months prior to application to become a statutory auditor;
  • Completion of the educational requirements outlined in Schedule 19 of Companies Act, 2014 inclusive of the elective option - Audit Practice Assurance Services examination at Professional 2 level, in accordance with Bye Law 12 and the Institute’s Examination Regulations or deemed equivalent examinations of a Recognised Accountancy Body in Ireland subject to the requirements of Companies Act, 2014.

In order for a firm to be eligible to be granted an auditing certificate the firm must meet certain “control” requirements. For guidance on this matter please click here.