Do I Qualify for a Practising Certificate?

To qualify, you must have two years' post admission to membership experience working in the area in which you intend to practice. The following requirements must also be met in order to be granted a practising certificate;

  • have obtained at least two years Approved Post Membership Experience;
  • have completed the advanced tax strategy examination at Strategic Level or ( Advanced Taxation examination at Professional 2 level) in accordance with Bye Law 12 and the Institute Examination Regulations or deemed equivalent examinations of a Recognised Accountancy Body in Ireland; 
  • have met the relevant CPD requirements for the previous two years; and
  • have completed within the previous 36 months the Practice Orientation Online Certificate and has passed the associated online assessment.
If you wish to be engage in statutory audit work you will require a practising certificate with audit qualification. Additional eligibility requirements apply. Click here for details.