CPA Ireland’s Inclusion in Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter


Last July CPA Ireland as an organisation joined Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter as a signatory.

The Women in Finance Charter is a collaboration between industry and Government under the Ireland for Finance strategy. Ireland for Finance, is the government’s blueprint for the development of the international financial services sector. Diversity is a key theme of the Strategy.

Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter is a commitment by signatory firms and representative bodies to achieve greater gender balance and inclusivity at all levels across the financial services sector in Ireland.

At present in CPA Ireland, we have 55% female board representation and 78% female representation among our staff. Three out of four of our directors are also female. We pride ourselves in this strong female representation and our inclusion in this charter signifies our pledge to continue this into the future and set a precedent for the accountancy sector in Ireland.


You can find out more on the charter here: