Admission to Membership

Membership Requirements 

To qualify as a CPA, an applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Sit and pass all examinations
  • Obtain at least 3 years relevant supervised training - fulfilling the Institute's training requirements
  • Demonstrate an in-depth level of competence in two of the technical six  areas of competence and all of the behavioural attributes
  • Be of good character
  • Complete the Application Form
  • Pay the relevant fees

Examination Success

Students must successfully complete all four stages of CPA Examinations before applying for membership. All students who have successfully completed the Professional 2 stage of exams will receive a formal invitation to apply for membership of the Institute.

Training Requirements

The Institute requires that all students must complete a minimum of three years relevant, supervised training. CPA students can fulfil their training requirements working in practice, industry, commerce, the public sector or any combination of these categories. Training experience must be documented and signed by a qualified accountant.

Competency Requirements

Applicants are required to document their competencies in at least two of the six training areas as well as the professional values, ethics and attitudes required of a professional accountant. These are documented by completion of the Competency Guide & Return. The areas of in-depth competence documented in the Competency Guide & Return must be based on the areas in which the student has completed the required advanced training as submitted and approved on the student's Training Records. 

Two written references

These must be original signed references on headed paper that are written for the specific purpose of your application for admission to membership and must be submitted with your application.  One should be from the principal of your present or recent past employer and the second should be from a member of the Institute.  In the unlikely event that you do not know a CPA member, you may submit a reference from a member in good standing of another professional accountancy body.  

Application Form

Please complete the application form and include with all other required documents. 


Students must submit an Application to Membership fee along with their application. The application fee for 2019 is €732. Please note that upon admission to membership, members are required to pay an Annual Member Subscription, which falls due on 1st January in the year following admission to membership. The Annual Member Subscription for 2019 is €599. 

Conferring Ceremony 

The 2019 Conferring Ceremony will be held on Saturday 7 December. It is important to note that a student is not entitled to use the designatory letters ‘CPA’ or to describe themselves as a CPA until such time as the student has been admitted to membership at the Conferring Ceremony.