CPA Qualification and Masters with DIT

We are looking for employers who may be thinking about increasing their trainee headcount or considering an alternative training route for their current employees.This brand new joint qualification allows trainees to earn  an MSc in Applied Accounting from DIT and the CPA Ireland Qualification at the same time.

Programme Structure: 

During for the first two years each student will be working Monday to Thursday with one day per week (Friday) in DIT. They will participate in face to face lectures for 30 weeks a year and will be working full time when not attending lectures.
In Year 3 the students will satisfy the final year of the 3-year training requirement with full -time work, with no remaining exams or study.

Benefits to the Employer:  

  • Access to top class graduates with no recruitment agency fees involved.  
  • Hire trainees that will drive your business forward as they gain extensive knowledge in the areas of information systems and high-level communication. 
  • Improve employee retention by giving your existing staff the opportunity to accelerate their careers. 
Students will study their final P2 CPA Subjects & Master Modules:
  • Advanced Corporate Reporting (CPA Professional 2 exam)                               
  • Audit Practice and Assurance (CPA Professional 2 exam)                                     
  • Advanced Taxation (CPA Professional 2 exam)                                                        
  • Strategy and Leadership   (CPA Professional 2 exam)                                              
  • Communications and Professional Development (DIT MSc Applied Accounting)
  • Corporate Finance    (DIT MSc Applied Accounting)                      
  • Accounting Inquiry   (DIT MSc Applied Accounting)                                          
  • Information Systems (DIT MSc Applied Accounting)
  • Work Based Learning   (DIT MSc Applied Accounting & CPA Ireland)

Application Requirements:   

This programme is for candidates that are exempt from or completed CPA Ireland’s Formation 1, Formation 2 and Professional 1 exam stages.  


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