Test Tutorial for Online Exams using Cirrus Platform

Our new Test Tutorials for sitting Online Examinations using the Cirrus platform are now available.  Students may use these tutorials to practice preparing their solutions using the Cirrus Platform.  We have provided a sample of some of our past papers from the August 2020 sitting - see relevant links below. 
N.B. Please note this tutorial is for test purposes only, so no Username or Password is required for access.  You can also practice using the tutorial as many times as you wish in advance of your examination(s). 

It is recommended you practice using the tutorial as many times as possible to familiarise yourself with the paper layout and various answering tools available.  Please note the Proctorio exam supervision functionality will not be activated for this test tutorial, so your test will not be remotely invigilated. 

Please note that not all papers are currently available, however, the sample above represents a good mix of papers from each level of examination.