What Makes this Programme Different

  • The global recognition of the CPA qualification frames the masters programme as the perfect opportunity for those wishing to progress or travel with their career.
  • CIT’s exceptional state of the art facilities and CPA’s commitment to the support of its students and members ensures the best student experience possible.
  • Research and innovation into the educational offering to ensure it meets the needs and expectations of employers and equips students with the exact skills sought by employers is at the heart of both CIT and CPA’s interests.

Why CPA?

  • The CPA designation is the most commonly used designation worldwide for professional accountants and the Institute’s qualification enjoys wide international recognition.
  • The accountancy profession continues to perform well in terms of employment opportunities, salary prospects and the potential to work overseas at an international level.
  • Those seeking a challenging but secure career are increasingly opting for a professional qualification like that offered by CPA Ireland, knowing it is held in very high regard by employers both at home and abroad.
  • The employment record of our most recent graduates (2017, 2018 and 2019) is testament to that, with 100% currently in employment.
  • CPAs can be found in every sector from healthcare, financial services, IT, education, tech and gaming. They are not simply crunching numbers, they hold diverse roles at senior management level from Managing Partners to Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers, Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs.
  • The success of CPAs in securing employment in industry, the public sector and private practice in over 50 countries reflects the value of a CPA qualification.
  • It’s a strong brand which builds strong connections. As the world of business is constantly changing CPA Ireland provides a qualification that equips graduates for the dynamism of the market place.

Why CIT?

  • CIT has an enviable record of providing students with excellent employment opportunities and a firm basis for future career development. 
  • The Institute boasts top class facilities including its award-winning library and has a central location in Bishopstown Cork.
  • CIT is one of the most highly rated higher education colleges in Ireland, both in terms of facilities and in the great student – staff relations.
  • CIT has been a Goldstar Approved Educator of the CPA qualification for many years and the proposed Masters and professional qualification enhances the relation between CIT and CPA Ireland.